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Need a Laptop?
Computer Solutions now has a full line of custom notebook computers. From the entry level to the high end desktop replacement. .

Email Safely!
We've implemented new state of the art Virus protection. This protection is available to its customers for $2 per month per email account. Give us a call for details. This service is available for anyone, anywhere, 24 hrs per day.

Wires no more!
It has been a task to achieve affordable high-speed access for our community. Several wireless solutions and a couple of hard-wired solutions have been evaluated. We now provide commercial high speed access for our community. We are the only locally owned and operated Internet provider in town.

Computer Solutions
1421 North Main
Liberty, TX 77575
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About Us


Computer Solutions began in 1986 in the garage of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Meche.  Their son, Randy Meche was given an opportunity from a local school districts' business manager, to service their IBM computers.  The arrangement was so successful Randy made the decision to become more accessable by purchasing the vacant building on the corner of Main and Trinity to continue the growth of the computer store.  With the support from our customers, we have excelled in growth by a rate of 60% per year since conception.  We are still located in Liberty Texas. We are very thankful for the opportunity and support that the community of Liberty and surrounding areas have given us over the years.


The staff at Computer Solutions has spent the last 18 years creating a full service computer store outlet.  We provide consistent service and quality system solutions for all business and consumer prospects.  Our commitment to staff qualified and knowledgeable personnel, will provide you confidence on your next computer purchase.


Our clients range from the single home computer purchaser to the 1,000 user corporate client.   We work with all operating systems - i.e. Dos, Windows, Win95, Win98, Windows ME, WinNT, Windows 2000, XP, OS2, Unix, Novell, LANtastic as well as others.  

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